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How many times have you worn your tried-and-true gold studs with every outfit? Sometimes we miss updating our earrings, while the rest of our accessories gets a refresh every day! New earrings are the perfect way to amp up your style. The right pair of earrings can not only transform how you look but also how you feel about yourself. From dainty drop earrings to sleek hoops, earrings can highlight the most radiant characteristics of your face and your ensemble. Today we will tell you about the best types of earrings you have been looking for.


Perfectly designed for any occasion, studs are the most common type of earrings. They come in a range of designs, shapes, and sizes. A very popular style of studs is with precious or semi-precious stones that are “floating” on your ear. What sets studs apart from other earrings is that they do not dangle down but instead lay on top of the earlobe.


Drops are similar to studs. As their name suggests, they drop below the ear. Drops can be single pieces of jewelry or several pieces hanging vertically. Some of them can be short, while others can hang considerably low. Usually, drop earrings stay stationary and are light in weight.


Usually, hoop earrings are large and round and shaped like hoops. But today hoops can come in different shapes, from triangle to square. They start at the front of the ear and go all the way to the back, leaving space between the earring and back of the earlobe. Sizes can range from really small to large.


Chandelier earrings attach to ear at the earlobe and drop down. They are complex in design, with multi-layered decorative pieces. Just like a chandelier on the ceiling of a huge living room, the chandelier earrings always draw the attention.

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